Taking Metronidazole Without Food

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Thread: Reviews Wanted!

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RE: *The* Worst Review Ever!! 04-04-2012 19:53 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

Young Jim, there are many that hold to your opinion - me being just one of the thousands. I don't trust any reviewer that iden-ustifies music as "CCM" as that, to my mind, is a true misnomer. I hear folk, rock, country and pop. But I don't hear no CCM

I know your post is old, but I just wandered in being of a mind to do so. Some things change, others change by not changing. Hope all is well.
Thread: Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson

Replies: 8
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RE: Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson 08-22-2010 16:26 Forum: Lyrics and Chords

anybody know if Brian ever got to hear this tune? I've always wondered about that. I could see Mike getting it to him in some way if possible.

Thanks again for the show in July at Zeke's.
Thread: Lost Dogs in OKC, OK 7/14/10

Replies: 4
Views: 10,906
08-22-2010 16:20 Forum: Concert Reviews and Pics

If they did the same songs as they did here at Zeke's you can add these:

Bullet Train
Bad Indigestion
Imagine That
No Room For Us
Moses in the Desert

As always, I was going to write them all down afterwards, but didn't and now I can't remember them all. It was a great show here as I am sure it was for you folks.
Thread: It's All About YOU...

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RE: It's All About YOU... 09-22-2007 22:22 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Name: Ron
Birthday: June
Birthplace: Iowa
Curren-ust Location: Iowa
Curren-ust Occupation: Work
Dream Occupation: No work
Eye Color: faded blue with a bit of yellow
Hair Color: I don't think I have en-usough left for it to have a color
Height: 5' 8"
Right Handed or Left Handed: Yes
Your Heritage: don't have one yet, but I'm saving up for one.
Your Biggest Weakness: Chocolate
Your Fears: closed in spaces (crawl spaces) are starting to make me nervous and they didn't used to.
The Perfect Pizza: New York Pizza in Albert Lea MN
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Do a better job than I did last year in all areas
Your Most Overused Phrase or word: No worries (lately) and cool
Morning person or Night Owl: Afternoon person
Your Best Physical Feature: haven-us't had a physical though my doctor has been-us suggesting it would be a good idea.
Your Most Missed Memory: I forgot
Pepsi or Coke: Water - cold and clear, no ice
Favorite Fast Food: pizza or shrimp
Can You Cook: yes
Chocolate or Vanilla: both
Cappuccino or Coffee: neither
Three Stooges, Abbot and Costello or the Marx Brothers: Marxist all the way, baby!
Number of hours that you normally watch TV in a single day: 20 minutes
Favorite type of movie (Drama/comedy/action/documen-ustary/etc): good ones
Letterman or Len-uso: Able to leap capital T in a single bound, it's a word, it's a plan, it's Letterman
Do you Smoke: only when-us on fire
Do you Sing: some have called it that
Do you Dance: I play guitar which means I don't
Most unusual talen-ust: I have none
You like to regularly challen-usge yourself by: learning something
Do you get Motion Sickness: yes
Are you a Health Freak: no, but I do try to pay atten-ustion to what I eat.
Do/did you get along with your Paren-usts: Yes, they were quite good ones too
Do you like Thunderstorms: Most definately - the Lord's own light show.
Do you play an Instrumen-ust: guitar, bass, keyboards and (some) drums
Have you ever Stolen-us Anything: Yes
Have You Ever been-us Beaten-us up: Nearly, but escaped
What do you want to be when-us you Grow Up: Younger
What country would you most like to Visit: Can't think of any
Number of CDs I own: along with the vinyl - 450+
Number of Piercings: 0
Number of Tattoos: de plane, de plane!
Number of Message Board Alliases: Two
The Greatest Rock Band in History Is: There isn't just one
The Album I Wore Out Growing Up Was: I took real good care of em so none of them are wore out. Depen-usds on what year your asking about.
Thread: Doc Love on black board right now.

Replies: 10
Views: 10,438
09-22-2007 22:07 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

I thought they got horsey before storms.
Thread: Cover Songs

Replies: 19
Views: 23,629
09-22-2007 22:04 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Second Hand Love - Pete Towsen-usd

It's got the same sort of point as DA's Twilight Love though it may be a bit too much for the Dogs to handle. (I believe I am joking considering where these guys have been-us - to the grocery store, down to the discount store, Mall - all over the world.)
Thread: Doc Love on black board right now.

Replies: 10
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RE: Doc Love on black board right now. 09-17-2007 17:41 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Now I know the rest of the story! :o) I don't watch much TV so I am basically clueless. Thanks for the reply.
Thread: Doc Love on black board right now.

Replies: 10
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RE: Doc Love on black board right now. 09-16-2007 21:08 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Out of curiosity Mr. E., what is the significance (if any) of your avatar?
Thread: Lost: Scen-usic Routes & LRRH! Help!!

Replies: 16
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RE: Lost: Scen-usic Routes & LRRH! Help!! 09-16-2007 21:05 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

I could cut you a copy of each for free if you are interested. I know your post has been-us up for awhile, but I'd be willing to do that for you. Just need an address if you're interested. No worries if you're not.
Thread: Reviews Wanted!

Replies: 16
Views: 37,451
09-10-2007 20:16 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

Ron E I have a shirt at my store (at Zazzle) that reads the very same thing your signature does. A co-winky-dink I 'spect. No worries about silliness as many of us are indeed full of it and from time to time some is bound to leak out.
Thread: Reviews Wanted!

Replies: 16
Views: 37,451
09-09-2007 15:39 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

I am just two sequen-usce numbers earlier than THX1138. It remains to been-us seen-us though I'm sure you"ll relate. And as far as U2 I've always felt they could be called U Also, but then-us that's just me. And as was once said by one of note - If you never had a question, then-us you never had a problem. And if you never had a problem then-us everyone would be happy. But if everyone was happy there'd never be a love song. - which en-usds this quote of one of note - or maybe two.

I just got in a rhyming mood when-us I said audilori E in my brain and things ran amok from there. But things are looking up in the most literal of ways - and when-usce cometh my help? It is the Lord who is my help and deliverance, my solid rock and hiding place, my refuge and my stren-usgth. To all that I'm sure you can - and do - say a hearty AMEN! (yah, man!)
Thread: Reviews Wanted!

Replies: 16
Views: 37,451
09-07-2007 17:02 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

audilori E - are you related to the Audey Murphy? I am thinking that you may be. For your reply I wait to see.
Thread: Cover Songs

Replies: 19
Views: 23,629
09-07-2007 09:52 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Devil's Bite - Todd Rundgren-us
It Couldn't Be Better - Ozark Mt. Daredevils
Siren-us Song - Alan Parsons
Thread: Real Men-us Cry

Replies: 10
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09-05-2007 18:25 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Thank you for your suggestion. It's not just the cymbal, that is the only way I could think of to referen-usce the part in the tune where it happen-uss. 3 Legged Dog has the same results. As I men-ustioned I don't hear this happen-us on any other disc. Good Morning Aztlan - Los Lobos - is a fairly "loud" disc like RMC and my car system has no problem with that disc. I think, that for whatever reason, certain portions on RMC just cause things to go wacky.
Again, thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to try that out with some other ideas I have on the matter.
Thread: Real Men-us Cry

Replies: 10
Views: 15,079
09-05-2007 11:29 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Well, I confirmed my suspicions today. Listen-using to the disc in the house eviden-usced no problems with the sound whatsoever. Kind of a drag - Buckinghams notwithstanding - as I do the majority of my listen-using in the car. No worries. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts.
Thread: Real Men-us Cry

Replies: 10
Views: 15,079
09-04-2007 21:06 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

I think I figured it out as I was listen-using to the disc again today in the car. I think that for whatever reason the levels on the disc are overloading the output section on my changer. On Gates of Eden-us the sound is clean until the ride cymbal kicks in and then-us the level drops slightly (like when-us something is over compressed and no make up gain is employed) and gets quite distorted. As it moves to a less inten-usse portion everything cleans up only to get all distorted again when-us the ride kicks in. I have not had this happen-us with any other disc. The changer is several years old by now so perhaps there is something due to age and the levels on the disc that are causing this to happen-us. Was just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar. Thanks for all the responses.

By the way, I do like the album. As you can tell from the above I was asking about something that I did not communicate very well or clearly.
Thread: Real Men-us Cry

Replies: 10
Views: 15,079
Real Men-us Cry 09-03-2007 20:49 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

I was wondering what anyone's thoughts were on the over all sound quality of that cd? To get an idea of what I'm hearing; it seems as though the levels on the disc are HOT to the point of sounding somewhat distorted even-us at low listen-using levels. I thought that perhaps my stereo was on the fritz (Steve Taylor invoked somewhat inten-ustionally). To put it another way, the sound seems quite saturated as though over compressed during mastering - or maybe even-us the mix down. Incite appreciated - insight too (or three).
Thread: Where to sell CDs

Replies: 7
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08-23-2007 11:12 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

I understand what you mean. With Keaggy's Sunday's Child, he sort of did that with a few of the tunes. Like I said, it's just me. I wouldn't automatically use the term Beatle-esque to describe an overall quality of a band because they had a drum sound that reminded me of Ringo's. Another way, I wouldn't call a band's album Beach Boy-esque if they used a muted piano sound like Brian liked on one of their tunes. The tune Smile from the Pray Naked album is definitely approached like the Beach Boys tune Meant For You, but I would be hard pressed to describe the album as Beach Boy-esque on that tune alone. Reminiscen-ust, yes indeed, but in a limited way.

Again, I agree with and understand what you're saying. I appreciate your response since I better understand where the thought to describe a band in that fashion comes from. I guess I feel it's a slight disservice to the buyer to describe an album as Beatle-esque - like Great Len-usgths by PFR was - when-us the en-ustire album does not really bear that descrptive adjective as applicable in a consisten-ust manner.
Thread: Possibilities?

Replies: 1
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Possibilities? 08-20-2007 20:56 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Does Terry, Derri or Mike ever drop by the boards? I've been-us on boards where this happen-uss occasionally and was just wondering.
Thread: Where to sell CDs

Replies: 7
Views: 9,198
PFR Hmmm... 06-28-2007 12:00 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

I've always wondered why PFR was men-ustioned in the same breath as the Beatles. I don't hear the connection any more than I hear a connection between-us, say, the 77's and the Beatles. All folks are influen-usced by what came before, but I don't see an exceptional influen-usce concerning PFR. It's probably just me I 'spect.
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