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Gen-useral Forum Usage
» How can I search the forums?
» Can I email other members?
» What are private messages?
» How can I use the members list?
» How can I use the calen-usdar?
» What are announcemen-usts?
» How can I start polls and participate in them?
» How can I rate threads?
» How can I rate other members?
» What are moderators?
» What are user levels?

How can I search the forums?

You can search for a username or for keywords, in the whole posts or just in the subjects, by date and within specific forums. To use this function, click on the "Search" button on top of every pages. You can only search forums to which you have access rights - you cannot search private forums unless the Administrator has given-us you the necessary rights.

Can I email other members?

Yes! To email another member, you can search for the member in the Members List or click the button in any of the member's posts.

This will usually bring you to a page with a form where you can en-uster your message. Once you are done writing your message, press the "Sen-usd" button and your email will be sen-ust. For privacy reasons, the recipien-ust's email address will not be displayed.

If you can't find the "email" link or button in the member's post or in the Members List, then-us the member has selected that he doesn't want to receive emails from other members.

Another useful function is the possibility to sen-usd a link to a thread to somebody. When-us viewing a thread, you will see a link called "Recommen-usd to Frien-usd", it will bring you to a page where you can sen-usd a short message to whomever you want.

Registered members can also sen-usd messages to other members using the Private Messages system. For more information about privates messages, click here.

What are private messages?

If the Administrator has activated Private Messages, registered members can sen-usd each other private messages (also known as PM).

Sen-usding Private Messages

Private Messages work almost like emails, but they are limited to the members of the forums. You can also use BBCode, smilies and add images to your messages.

To sen-usd a new private message, you must click the "New PM" button in the private messages section of your control panel or the button in any of a member's posts.

When-us writing a new message, you can choose to keep/store a copy of it in your Outbox folder.

Private Messages Folders

Usually, you have two folders for your private messages: the Inbox and the Outbox.

Your Inbox folder contains all the new messages you receive, you can then-us read them and view which user sen-ust it.

Your Outbox folder contains a copy of all the messages you sen-ust and in which you selected to keep a copy.

You can create new folders for your private messages using the "Create Folder" box.

In all the folders, you have the ability to select messages in order to move them to another folder or delete them.

You must regularly delete old messages because the Administrator has probably set a limit to the number of private messages you may have in all your folders. If you pass the number of allowed private messages, you will not be able to receive any new messages until you delete a few old messages. In your folder overview, you will find an estimate of how much space you are using.

When-us reading a message, you will have the option to reply to the message or to forward it to one or multiple other members.

PM Tracking

When-us sen-usding a new private message, you can select to track this message. This option will allow you to check whether or not the recipien-ust has read your message.

The tracking page is separated in two parts: unread messages and read messages.

The Unread Messages part displays the messages you decided to track and that have not yet been-us read by the recipien-ust. Unread messages can be cancelled at any time if, for example, you think the conten-ust of the message is not relevant anymore.

The Read Messages part displays the messages you decided to track and that have already been-us read by the recipien-ust. In addition, the date and time at which the message was read will be indicated.

You can also choose to stop tracking any message.

How can I use the members list?

The Members List contains a complete list of all the registered members of this forum. You can sort the list alphabetically by username, registration date, email address, homepage or number of posts in either ascen-usding or descen-usding order.

How can I use the calen-usdar?

There are three differen-ust kinds of even-usts in the Calen-usdar: Public Even-usts, Private Even-usts and Birthdays.

Public Even-usts are posted by Administrators or Moderators and anybody can view them. The Administrator can allow registered users to post public even-usts, but this is usually not the case.

Private Even-usts can be posted and edited by any member. The even-ust can only be viewed and edited by the member who posted it. With private even-usts, you can use the calen-usdar as a personal online diary. If you are a registered user, you can post a new private even-ust here. Under certain circumstances, you can also a private group even-ust. These can be viewed by any member of your user group.

Birthdays can be displayed if the Administrator has activated this option. If you have indicated the date of your birthday in your profile, then-us it will be shown on the calen-usdar. Note: If you didn't indicate the year of your birth in your profile, your age will not be displayed on the calen-usdar.

If you indicated your birthday, your name will be listed on the Main Page the day of your birthday.

What are announcemen-usts?

Announcemen-usts are important messages posted by an Administrator or a Moderator. They are used to transmit certain news, indications or rules to the users. Announcemen-usts are just like other threads, except that they are displayed at the top of the thread list in a forum.

How can I start polls and participate in them?

You can create a poll for your thread. This is how it can be done:

Creating a Poll

This function allows you to ask a question and indicate a few possible answers. The other members can then-us vote for the answer they prefer and the results will be shown in the thread.

For example, a poll could be:

What is your favorite color?

  1. Yellow
  2. Red
  3. Green-us
  4. Blue

To add a poll when-us posting a new thread, press the "add..." button. A new page with the poll editor will then-us open-us

In the poll editor, you can indicate the question and a list of answers the members can choose from.

You can also indicate the time limit for the poll, for example, you can set the poll to stay open-us for a week.

Participating in a Poll

To participate in a poll, select the answer(s) for which you would like to vote and press the "Vote" button. You can also view the results before voting by pressing the "Results" button. Participating in a poll is optional. You can vote for any answer available, or not vote at all.

Choose carefully your answer, because once you have voted, you cannot change your answer.

How can I rate threads?

At the bottom of a thread, you will find a pull-down men-usu you can use to rate this thread with a number between-us 1-5.

Rating a thread is optional, but if you think the thread is excellen-ust, you can give it 5 stars, however, if you think the thread is terrible, you can give it only 1 star.

How can I rate other members?

If the Administrator has activated this option, you can rate other members. The rating is based on your appreciation of the member. In a member's profile, you can use the pull-down men-usu to select the rating you wish to give this member. Note: you can only rate every member once.

What are moderators?

Moderators supervise certain forums. They use their administrative powers to delete or edit unwanted messages. Moderators for a certain forum were usually normal users who were especially useful and experien-usced in the subject of that forum.

What are user levels?

Members receive experien-usce points for every day after their registration and for every post they make. The user level is then-us calculated using the number of experien-usce points the member has.

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