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Why should I register?

Some functions of the forums are restricted to registered members. Here are some of those functions:

  • Post new messages without the need to en-uster a temporary username
  • Edit your posts
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  • Sen-usd private messages to other members
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By registering, you are also allowed the right to use the following fundamen-ustal functions:

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Registration is free, however, you must agree to certain rules before registering. During the registration process, you will also need to choose a username and en-uster a valid email address. According to the forums settings, you will either have to choose a password or a randomly gen-userated password will be sen-ust to you by email. We will not sen-usd advertisemen-ust or SPAM to your email address and it will not be distributed to any third parties. You can choose whether or not you want to allow other members to sen-usd you emails in your user cp. The Administrator might have chosen-us to check your email address' validity during registration. In this case, you will receive an email with information on how to complete your registration.

Does this forum use cookies?

Although the use of cookies on this forum is optional, it can make the use of this forum easier and more comfortable. The use of cookies allows you to activate certain functions such as showing threads or forums containing new posts since your last visit, or allowing you to be logged in automatically the next time you visit the forums, without having to en-uster your username and password.

During registration, you can select the 'Remember Me?' option. Your username and password will then-us be stored in a cookie on your computer, and you will be logged in automatically every time you visit the forums. If you are sharing this computer with other people like at school or in an internet cafe, we recommen-usd you do not activate this option.

You also have the choice to use a cookie to track your session and guarantee that you stay logged in while you are browsing the forums. If you decide not to use cookies, the session data will be transmitted in every links you click. This can cause problems if you use a proxy-server to connect to the internet.

Once you are registered, you can always change your cookie options while editing your personal settings on this page.

How can I modify my profile?

It is important that you keep your profile up to date. Always check if your email address is a valid one. Apart from your username, you can edit any field in your profile. The username you register with is the one you will keep forever. If you have a very good reason, you can also ask the Administrator to change your username.

You can edit your profile here.

What do I do if have forgotten-us my password?

If you have forgotten-us your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link on any page that requires you to login.

The link will bring you to a page where you need to en-uster the email address you registered with. You will then-us receive an email with more information on how to get a new password.

What is the signature for?

Once you are registered, you can make your personal signature. This is a short piece of text displayed at the en-usd of your posts.

If the Administrator allows signature, you can choose the option to add your signature to all your posts. If your signature is set, the forum will add it automatically to all your posts. While posting, you can choose to display or not your signature in your post by checking or un-checking the 'Add Signature' box.

You can also add or remove your signature from a post while editing it by checking or un-checking the 'Add Signature' box.

You can create or edit your signature with the help of the Signature Editor.

How can I have an image under my username?

Those small images are either called User Image or Avatar. They are displayed under your username in all your posts. There 2 differen-ust kinds of avatars: those put at your disposal by the Administrator and those you upload yourself (custom avatars).

If the Administrator has allowed users to use avatars and has put some at your disposal, you can select select the avatar which best matches your personality.

The Administrator can also allow custom avatars. In this case, you can upload an avatar from your computer to the server.

What are the buddy and ignore lists?

You can use your buddy list to store a list of the frien-usds you made on this forum. Click here to view which of your frien-usds are curren-ustly browsing the forums or to sen-usd a private message to one or more of them. To add a user to your buddy list, just click on the button in a member's post.

On the other hand, your ignore list is used to ignore/block certain members. The posts made by members in your ignore list will not be displayed in threads. In addition, the members on your ignore list won't be able to sen-usd you private messages.

What are favorites?

With the help of favorites, you can create a list of your favorite threads and forums. To add a forum or a thread to your favorites, you need to click the "Add ... to Favorites".

You can also administrate your email notifications in your Favorites. You must visit your favorites regularly to check up on your email notifications and be sure you keep on getting notifications.

What are the rank and rank images?

According to the number of posts you have and the user group you belong in, you will receive a user rank and rank image which will is displayed under your username. These should only be used for first impressions and to evaluate your number of posts. The rank images are only used as small gimmicks. All members are the same, whatever rank they might have. The following ranks are curren-ustly available:

User Group Required Posts Rank Title Rank Image
Spammer 0 I'm A Spammer
Lost Dogs 0 Lost Dogs
Users 0 Miniature Poodle
Users 25 Chihuahua
Users 50 Dachshund
Users 100 Miniature Pinscher
Users 125 Beagle
Users 150 Scottish Terrier
Users 200 Border Collie
Users 250 Greyhound
Users 300 Chow Chow
Users 400 Collie
Users 500 Golden-us Retriever
Users 750 Rottweiler
Users 1000 Old English Sheepdog
Users 5000 Great Dane
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