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The Lost Dogs

Little Red Riding Hood

TLEM September 1993
by Beth Blinn

On Little Red Riding Hood, the second collaboration by the Lost Dogs on Brainstorm Artists International, these guys have succeeded in surpassing any expectations that might come with the territory of being considered some of Christian music's more respected members. This time out, Terry Taylor, Gene Eugene, Derri Daugherty, and Mike Roe have forged a more cohesive work, without losing any of the elements that made Scenic Routes a fresh and interesting recording.

While their music still has notes of country and bluegrass, those musical references are less prevalent on this album. The Dogs have succeeded in blending the strains of blues, country, rock, and folk even better this time, creating a sound that can truly be termed "American." Once again, each members contributed several songs, while they collaborated on several songs and performed two covers. The album leads off with "(Together) No Ship Coming In" by Taylor. The song is a good example of how the group has melded the different musical influences they have. Taylor also contributed "Rocky Mountain Mines," "Eleanor, It's Raining Now," "Red, White And Blue," "Bad Indigestion," and "No Room For Us." The two standouts are "Red, White and Blue," and "No Room For Us." The former is a rocker, with a memorable hook. The latter is a slow, dreamy piece, that is especially suited to Daugherty's voice.

Mike Roe's two songs, "You Satisfy" and "Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson" are very different. "You Satisfy" is a bluesy rocker, similar in vein to "You Gotta Move" from the first disc, but harder. "Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson" is a bittersweet tribute to one of the Beach Boys' founders. Both amusing and sad, the Dogs effectively recreate the sunny vocals of that famous group.

The most "country" of the cuts are "Precious Memories," an old standard, and "Jimmy," written by Gene Eugene. "Imagine That," penned by Daugherty and Taylor, is an up-tempo tune that also has a good hook. The Dogs do a cover of the Lennon-McCartney song "I'm A Loser," remaining pretty faithful to the original, while still sounding like themselves. The three tunes that the entire group collaborated on, "Free At Last," "Dunce Cap," and "Pray Where You Are," exhibited best how these four guys are becoming stronger at writing together. "Free At Last" is a grooving, bluesy tune that has a hilarious intro, and "Pray Where You Are," closing out the project, is reminiscent of "Breathe Deep," the song that closed out Scenic Routes.

The album is filled with studio outakes, which illustrate the wackiness of this group, and also explain the loose feeling of the songs. Overall, another very enjoyable trip with the Dogs, and a promise that any future get-togethers should just get better.