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Up In The Morning

from the album "Green Room Serenade, Part One"

(C)1996 by Lost Dogs

(Terry Taylor)
Sung by Derri and Mike with Terry and Gene

Daybreak I'm half awake
Today is all there is
(I'll be) Out the door, but not before
I've kissed the wife and kids
I've whistled in the dark
I've known the broken heart
I've seen the Red Sea part
(and now) This sunlight just might
Turn strangers into friends
Surprise for sore eyes
Another place I've never been

Might feel the old Earth shake
Could miss that lucky break
But I can hardly wait
To get

Up in the Morning
A new world is forming
Behind these tired eyes
I'm here and I'm breathing
Feel my heart beating
Lucky to be alive

We'll see, could be
The check is in the mail
(Wake up, life's too short for you to stay in bed)
(or I'm) On the slide that ends inside
The belly of the whale
(Get up, brush the cobwebs from your sleepy head)

I've know the answered prayer
I've thought no one was there
It seem to clear the air, when I get

Up in the morning. . .
I don't care if I see rain or the blue sky
I only know I've survived
Yeah. . .

(C)1996 by Lost Dogs