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The Lost Dogs

Chandler, AZ September 20, 2002
Windmill Inn Suites

4 songs by Theo

Daydream (Derri)
Wide Eyed Wonder (Derri)
Bleeding (Derri)
Memories (Derri)
Waiting for you to come around (Derri, with Mike)

Blue Sky (Mike)
The Itch is Back (Mike)
Sunshine Down (Mike)
Lutheran Hymn (Mike)
The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes, and the Pride of Life (Mike, with Derri)

Starting Monday (Terry with Mike & Derri)
Papa Danced On Olvera Street (Terry with Mike & Derri)
Molly is a Metaphor (Terry with Mike)
Ain't Gonna Fight It (Terry with Mike & Derri)
If You Want To (Terry with Mike & Derri)

Wild Ride
A Certain Love
A Vegas Story
Wall Of Heaven
If You Loved Here, You'd Be Home By Now
Like Moses
In The Distance
Honeysuckle Breeze
Rebecca Go Home (Mike sang lead)
If It Be Your Will
Three Legged Dog
The Green Room Serenade
Come Down Here
The Great Divide
Real Men Cry
??? (new) Golden Dreams
Happy Trails (incomplete)
Deeper In The Heart

Bad Indigestion
Why Is The Devil Red
Breathe Deep