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Lost Dogs weave new sound from old threads
Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky October 19, 2002

By: Rich Copley

Band keeps going without fourth member

In the beginning, there were no plans for the Lost Dogs to still be barking in 2002.

"It was supposed to be a one off," Terry Scott Taylor says of the Christian rock supergroup. "We were going to record these classic gospel-country type tunes and go our separate ways."

That was 1992.

Five albums later, the Dogs are still going, and are set to come to Lexington for a concert Sunday at Central Baptist Church.

Taylor says the band's fan base comprises fans of the American roots music sound, which is unique to Christian music, as well as fans of the members' individual acts.

Taylor is the front man for Daniel Amos and the Swirling Eddies, Derri Daugherty fronted The Choir, and lead guitarist Mike Roe hails from The 77s. All of those acts were considered groundbreaking, thinking people's Christian rock.

One thing unique to this tour is that all three men will offer some selections from their individual bands' catalogs.

"Fans have been waiting for us to go into that area," Taylor says. "We wanted it to be right and seamless in connection to the Dogs."

Another different thing for fans who haven't seen the band in a while will be the absence of the fourth Dog, Gene Eugene, the front man for Adam Again and legendary producer who died in 2000.

"It's somewhat like having a leg amputated," Taylor says. "We can get around without it, but we're aware of it constantly.

The band addressed Eugene's death in a buoyant tune, Three Legged Dog, on its 2001 release, Real Men Cry. Taylor says, "It was expression of our loss and commitment to keep it going."

And Taylor is happy to keep it going.

"Lost Dogs has become pre-eminent," says Taylor, who also has a new solo album coming out. "I'm working more, touring more and enjoying this singer songwriter stuff."